DGI sell two timber finishing products; Evolution Hardwax Oil and DGI Country Oil. These can be used embellish and / or protect your wood products. 

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Both products are suitable for the following applications:

  • Coating untreated timber surfaces 
  • Maintaining previously treated wood


Evolution Hardwax Oil

  • Product: A combination of wax and oil that soaks in, lightly colors the wood and forms a protective film on the surface 
  • Can Sizes: 1L, 2L and 4L
  • Easy Application: Easy to achieve a good finish with either a brush or roller with extremely high coverage rates

DGI Country Oil

  • Product: Unique blend of urethane fortified natural oils which is resistant to water, most chemicals and stains.
  • Can Sizes: 1L and 4L
  • Easy Application: No mixing required and gives an excellent finish without the difficulties or expense associated with the usual ‘sprayed’ furniture finishes. 
  • End Result: ‘Easy to clean and maintain’ surface that will resist most household agents, yet is simple to renew should any surface damage occur.